RP2040smol (Pre-Alpha)

This is a 25x25mm board intended for integration into other projects based on RP2040.

RP2040smol features:

  • RP2040 microcontroller

  • All 30 GPIO pins, SWD, reset, and BOOTSEL broken out to 2.0mm pitch castellated pads

  • 8MB onboard QSPI Flash

  • 3.3V ultra low drop out linear regulator. Max 500mA output, 5.5V input.

  • May be directly powered from 3.3V. 5V pin should be left floating in this configuration.

  • Neopixel on GPIO17 ( with cuttable jumpers to disable)

  • LED on GPIO0 (with cuttable jumper to disable)

  • Onboard 27 Ohm USB D+/D- terminal resistors.

  • BOOTSEL button

  • RESET button

  • Lots of capacitors!

  • Preloaded with CircuitPython